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Product Kind:For House/ Office

Product Name:Proximity Door LockP303/P303S


P-303/P303S Proximity Door Lock


Feature Introduce


The cover is made of die cast zinc alloy construction, matches the copper handle knob with hard endurance and waterproof.


The device can used for present door replacement or newly installation.


4 alkaline batteries (6V)—no wiring required.


Low battery warning would be for 2 weeks.


A metal protrusion in the center of the lock body cover indicates that the door is double-locked.


High compatibility cards—combine with same EM or MIFARE card.


Master can unlock the inside lock.


UL standard Mortise lock


P303 Feature Description

P303S Feature introduce

Power saving logic design uses only 4 standard 1.5V alkaline batteries providing sufficient power for 8-12 months of use.

Data protection function. Without the power supply, it can keep the enter data for 10 years.

Opened from outside-The save power mode.

Open from inside- no need power.

Wired required; operated via on-line computer no extra setting by the lock.

The lock equipped with low battery from beep and LED.

Either operated without on-line computer. Users can be up to 500sets.

It can be authorized 20 sets of different numbers, and the same card number can be infinite to extend.

The memory capacity is 255 events.

Each lock is entirely self-contained.

Card type: MIARE

The security managers can program the master card then authorized 19 sets of different use cards.

Perpetual Calendar inside.

No on-line computer is need for master card operation programming.

Have on NO and NC contact, suitable for all kinds of D.C electronic lock.