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Product Kind:Hotel Management System

Product Name:Hotel Card Key LockH602

H-602 Hotel Card Key System

H-602 Hotel Card Key System



American National Standard

The American national standard mortise lock is of brass and stainless steel construction and passed a three hour UL. Fire rating test.

For an emergency situation, there is a concealed cover, which can only be removed with a special tool, which will expose a conventional key hole. A manual key can then be used to open a double-locked door.

A metal protrusion in the center of the lock body cover indicates that the door is double-locked. The hotel staff will not enter and disturb guests.

 Outer view

side view




Card Key Usage



Guest Card

Allows room access.

Activates room electricity when inserted in the room’s energy saving device.

Allows access to the hotel’s public facilities.

Permits guests to charge purchases at the hotel’s restaurants, snack bars, pubs, and retail shops.

Allows parking garage access.

Allows VIP elevator use.

Allows a prompt guest checkout by compiling a comprehensive hotel bill quickly.

Emergency card

Allows room access even if the room is double-locked.

This card is always under the strict control of the manager or his representative.

Master card

Allows access to all rooms not double-locked.

Maid card

Allows access to specific rooms during a work shift.

Internal maintenance card

Allows access to specific rooms during a work shift.

External maintenance card

Allows access to specific rooms for two hours

On-line card

Allows the hand held infrared terminal to program room locks and read out comprehensive data of the last 100 entry events.

Hardware test card

Confirms the proper mechanical functioning of the lock.

Guest lock out card

Prevents a guest from entering a room temporarily.

Temporary guest card

In the event the hotel cannot issue a guest card, such as

power failure, this card, under the manager’s control can be given to the guest temporarily.

Cancellation card

Allows the hotel to cancel the effect of the emergency

card, guest lock out card and temporary guest card. It

returns the room lock to standby status.



Card Issuance System

The card issuance system consists of a motor driven card encoder and card issuance software. The system uses ISO magnetic strip cards. Authorized hotel staff can only enter the card issuance system by use of a password. The encoders are specially designed so that other encoders cannot read or copy the hotel’s cards.


Infrared Hand Held Terminal


Programs the room number in the locks memory.

Checks and sets the lock’s internal clock.

Records from the lock’s memory comprehensive data of the last 100 entry events. The data include, type of card used, card number, entry time and date, and cad issuing staff’s number.

Records the card number of a wrong card key inserted into a lock.

Records if the room was successfully entered or not.

The infrared terminal is connected to a PC or directly to a printer.


Ease of Operation

Outside opening procedure:

1. Insert card, red light on.

2. Remove card, listen for beep

3. When green light is on, open door.


Inside opening procedure:

1. Anti-panic lock ─ Even if the door is double-locked a turn of the handle from the inside will override the dead bolt.

2. Manual door operation from the inside will not drain the lock’s batteries.



Battery Powered Lock

H-602 lock uses four AA alkaline batteries.

Door can be opened approximately 10,000 times before a battery change is needed.

When a maid card key will not open a hotel room, this indicates the lock’s batteries are low. Maintenance will be alerted to change the batteries. However the guest card key will continue to open the door.


Electronic override

An emergency card key, under the manager’s control, will override a double-locked door in the event of an emergency.


602 series – for hotel management